Welcome to Ankasa Ltd.  We are a growing team of friendly System Engineers working primarily with the Defence industries, providing knowledge and experience to the technical assurance of highly complex, large scale programmes.

We are a friendly, open company pursuing independent thinking to problem solving.

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August 2018 – Ankasa Ltd have been awarded a contract by QinetiQ to be part of the industry consortium providing the BATCIS Private Sector Support (BPSS) for the development of the EvO (Evolve to Open) and MORPHEUS sub-programme.


Ankasa Ltd is an independent SME with an effective history of providing technical support to MoD teams and industry partners, successfully delivering highly complex and deeply technical defence comms programmes proven in the field.    We offer an impartial engineering support service across the gamut of a programme, specialising in programme technical assurance and acceptance, programme and bid governance, agile programme management and inventive process development for Vendor Independence, programme openness for competition, industry engagement and knowledge transfer.

We are a growing, like minded team of engineerings and we are looking for new members

Previous Work

Here are some examples of our previous work.

Technical support to BCIP (Bowman, ComBAT, Infrastructure & PBISA)

Ankasa employees have provided for the last 13 years support to the specification, design, development, testing, integrating, trialling and fielding of the BCIP  programme.  This was a £4b programme and still attracts a £60M Design Services Support task, until its OSD of around 2026.

The task was to provide design support, development support, engineering technical support, technical assurance, and project management support throughout the programme’s life.  Though in essence the support coverage the whole gamut of the programme as the programme had wider impact across defence.

Notable achievements have been the development of both the Key Variable Management System and the Communications management system, the upgrade of legacy equipment through BCIP 5.4 (which achieved a Defence award) and BCIP 5.6, the integration of messaging systems and naming conventions pan-service through BCIP 5.5, support to the conversion of BCIP4f to BCIP 5.4 during OP TELIC (which earned a Defence award), providing client side and in theatre support, design, development of several UoRs to support Chat integration (XMPP), Theatre wide Situational Awareness integration, web browsing and TIGR integration.

Main Gate Assurance and Negotiation

Ankasa engineers have been responsible for providing the technical and cost assurance to the MoD for the last three increments of BCIP, to enable >£100M projects to progress through scrutiny and the funding to be released from Treasury. This involved the review and scrutiny of all Design Services tasks conducted under the Concept and Assessment phase to ensure that the products had achieved a TRL of 7 and the system had achieve SRL 3. In addition to providing technical support to the client to achieve Main Gate Ankasa engineers were also critical in forming the negation strategy for the client by utilising technical knowledge and understanding of the work to be undertaken to allow the areas in the Prime Contractors bid containing fat to be identified. The net result of this strategy saved millions prior to the award of Contract

Bid and Governance Review

Ankasa engineers have been responsible for the review of the SoW, MDAL and compliancy matrix for the Prime Contractors bids over the last three increments of BCIP. The review of these documents has highlighted areas to the client where the Prime Contractor has attempted to move risk to the MoD by inserting assumptions into the MDAL or by attempting to contract for the release of key design documentation late in the design process. By delivering a thorough technical review of these documents Ankasa engineers have ensured that the MoD has contracted for solutions that meet their requirement without shifting unnecessary risk on to the MoD or, importantly, risk over which MoD has no control. By ensuring the contracted solution is technically sound prior to Contract Award Ankasa engineers have ensured that the client has the best possible chance for the successful delivery of their programmes.

In addition to the above Ankasa engineers have been responsible for review of the plans govern all the specialist engineering areas required to support the delivery of BCIP programmes. In some areas, such as HFI, this has led to major changes being made to the Prime Contractor plans which should ensure more engineer rigour is applied to and End User input considered during the design phase in these areas, thus leading to a better end product.

Commercial Telecoms

Ankasa engineers have commercial as well as government experience of delivery, and have been responsible for the upgrade of a national backbone comms network. As the comms company was a start up cash was constrained so to enable the required upgrade of the optical transmission equipment a deal was struck with the universities whereby the company provided fibre pairs for a dedicated higher education network in return for which the government funded the cost of the new optical transmission network. This was an intelligent deal as it sold fibre pairs, of which the start up comms company had lots, in return for cash for new kit which was in short supply and demonstrates that not only can Ankasa engineers technically assure solutions but can also be innovative and delivery value accretive solutions for clients.

Post the definition of this deal Ankasa engineers were responsible for the site surveys, delivering power; rack and aircon uplifts required in the Points of Presence; the installation and set to work of the new Infinera equipment; training of staff and cut over of existing services to the new network.


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